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GMATE Antigen Saliva Self Test Kit 唾液抗原快速测试剂盒 1s

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GMATE Antigen Saliva Self Test Kit 唾液抗原快速测试剂盒 1s

Approved By MDA. Gmate Covid Saliva Home Kit has been designed to be an easy to use diagnostic kit for the Covid virus infection.

Sample requirement:
Rinse your mouth with water 30 minutes before sampling, and do not eat, smoke, drink alcohol or drinks after rinsing.
Gently spit saliva without bubble into the funnel until it reaches to the lower line of the sample collection tube. Make sure the collected saliva sample is free of impurities.
After the samples of human saliva are collected, the saliva should be processed as soon as possible and test within 1 hour.

Store between 4-30 degree Celsius, in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Always refer to your local health authority for the latest information on how to update and report your test results.

customer record is required for the purchase of Covid saliva self test kit as per MDA requirement

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