Seafood always what we love to have in every meal to spice up our daily life. It can be interesting with different cooking style and method such as steam, grill, fry, and so on.

Common Myths to be Busted
Traditional perceptions that wet markets are the best places to purchase fresh seafood are a thing of the past. With today’s innovation in technology and advancements in logistics, this shatters the traditional myth as we are able to provide an efficient sea-to-doorstep platform for our customers. On the contrary, wet markets do pose the danger of being “breeding grounds” for bacteria and viruses in raw seafood as temperatures are warm; this speeds up the growth of bacteria in raw seafood and fresh produce. In turn, this reduces the quality of the product.
By using vacuum packaging and flash freezing methods to prepare our seafood before delivery, these techniques ensure that the products you receive are guaranteed safe and fresh. Our flash freezing process does not disrupt the texture nor does it take away from the natural taste of our seafood. This is because unlike conventional freezing of perishable foods using regular refrigeration devices, flash freezing does not produce large amounts of ice crystals as most home refrigerators do which tarnishes flavour.
Flash freezing reduces the formation of large ice crystals and is the best way to preserve flavour and more importantly, nutrients.


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